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Hunting the rabbit


This project is called ‘Hunting the rabbit.’ It invokes the spirit of Joseph Beuys, who – in a 1965 performance – explained pictures to a dead hare. In a self-reflexive turn I pose a fundamental question: are we looking at a rabbit, an object or a painting? And would we rather be talking to a rabbit than about it? I made several paintings which give a vivid description of the hunting scene, without the presence of rabbits.

White Night - Black Variation


Jisan Ahn chose to experiment with varous vibes of black instead making an aggressive announcement to use it vigorously. Works primarily done in black drive the artist to exclude a great deal of content and Ahn described the darkness of black in his work notes as follows. "Darkness makes my thoughts and feelings clearer. Once darkness makes all the complications disappear, my senses become lucid and alive at once. In the darkness of the night I find the time in which life and death coexists." The artist's black withdraws into his inner self.....


                     Seungmin Lee/Director of space bm


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